30 Days Lolita – Day 3
10 things you hate in lolita.


10 things you hate in lolita.

I wouldn’t say ‘hate’, I’d say ‘annoyances’, biases or fussing. :)
I DO have several pretty severely ingrained intolerances that I’m not even interested in changing, but since I only judge my own self by those criteria, I try very hard to keep those to myself, as one should.

1. (tie) A)THE NAME!
B) “Armchair or Closet Lolitas”…da fuq?? (I couldn’t find a link but basically people who do not own or wear the fashion at all, yet obsess about it online and comment with ‘the authority of having studied’…just…what???)

2. The expense for basic cotton garments. Especially with exchange rate and high shipping!
edit: G says, “If you have to quibble over the shipping, you can’t afford it anyway.” On consideration, and after buying from BTSSB/AatP and AP San Francisco, he’s right and I’m resigned. I just check for best shipping most of the time from new places, but there IS something satisfying about just hitting the button and not worrying.

3. The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or other ‘I’m playing some sort of oddly cute/sweet/elegant princess-y character’ mindset! I am still just me, in frilly clothes! Unless I’m cosplaying.

4. The non-standardized sizing, even though I’m in the mid-range at US 8-10.
If I get a little lazy, my stuff gets tight and that makes me cranky. :/

5. Weird makeshift or layered petticoats that bunch and make hemlines do odd things.
‘Just moar pouf’ =/= correct shapes, they are graduated to give correct shape. :/

6. Lack of adequate ironing, scuffed or worn shoes, messy hair, crooked stocking seams…
Just anything unkempt, disheveled or not well put together!!
Wear hundreds of dollars of frills and look rumpled?
I think not.

7. *yes, ok, fine, here’s one about others*…
Dress and accessories to the hilt (or over it), then just ‘meh’ hair and makeup or dowdy shoes.
I don’t ‘hate it’, it just really really disappoints me :(
And now that I’m wound up—
Ditto for looking like you aren’t used to wearing the clothes and stand or walk funny, hold your arms awkwardly down, crushing your skirt, bad posture, picking at your clothes or hair, etc., like it’s a costume and you are uncomfortable in it 😛

8. Incomplete coordinates, too much ‘lolify-ing or loliable stuff’.
Cheap plastic ring =/= Milky Chan or AP logo ring.

* THIS #8 peeve just applies to ME as a personal choice.
I won’t do a look and call it Lolita if it doesn’t have all the elements and I will only accent with small re-purposed items, mostly jewelry/tiaras!
This is especially apt when someone is attempting to add children’s toy jewelry or little girl’s jewelry or purses!
I won’t usually do it, even in Cosplay Lolita, because it’s rarely in cannon for the costume.
But, oddly, I still think most ‘Lolita’ bags and purses and satchels are fug!
((8 months later, this has slightly improved but I still have not bought a brand bag… And I haven’t bought the DDC plastic angel pony ring, though I may!))
I don’t need to Loli-fy everything, nor bring other, unrelated things into my Lolita Fashion.

9. Scratchy nylon lace anywhere near my skin (allergic/sensitive and I break out in little raised red itchy dots). Though I do sometimes like it for it’s stiffness in places where it doesn’t touch me 😛

10. The judging/judgmental attitudes and sensitivity about styles.
I like what I like, you don’t have to like it You like what you like I don’t need to approve.
Even within the fashion there are huge differences of opinion on many things—even down to the ‘is it Rori?’ conundrum.
What may be the best example of Loli to you, isn’t to me!
Likewise, the things I like about it most may not even register on your radar.
That’s why I usually don’t like to do any concrit at all.

*TIDL = Things I Don’t Like!

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