30 Days Lolita – Day 5
10 items from your wishlist.


10 items from your wishlist.

1. MOAR TIARAS (and sparkly hair ornaments/pins)
2. a couple more pairs of actual ‘Lolita’ shoes in 2-3 colors
(done, but I now want a few more still…)
3. 2 specific wigs, and a few more after that.
(and I will never have enough 613 extensions, ever)
4. multi-tiered skirts in both black and white
5. a corset style over-dress
6. More loose Swarovskis and CZ’s, other strass (perpetual bling)
7. A white high-waisted skirt
8. Special key necklace
9. Rococo bell-sleeve black blouse
10.Black Shantung or Dupioni over-skirt
*debating: a painting dress or skirt but I like the D&G dresses better…*

Edit: April, 2013–I bought Bodyline Painting Dress, and have a few wigs and couple more pairs of shoes.

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