30 Days Lolita Day 9


10 Things You Will Never Do in Lolita
1. Gratuitous shenanigans that purposely show the fashion in a gauche, vulgar or less-than-elegant light in public.

A few funny pix at a meet are one thing, doing peculiar things in Lolita just for no particular reason, not so much my thing.

For today’s #2-10, see #1

An amusing note—The ‘eating BBQ in a white dress thing’ made me laugh with no small irony that it was several people’s ‘Oh the horror’ picture because it is a standing joke that I will often find a yummy place to eat something very sloppy when I happen to be wearing light colored or dressy clothes.

I’ve gone to to too many Sunday Socials, teas and picnics after church, full court dress historical re-enactments, Yacht Club Balls and the like and prepped for and hostessed too many gatherings wearing lacy pastels, (sometimes complete with hat, gloves, stole or shawl) to worry over eating messy stuff in light-colored and dressy clothes, I’d have long since starved. And I have never yet ruined a dress. 😛

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