30 Days Lolita, Day 10
What’s in your bag?


What’s in your bag?

**I usually carry a small purse or minaudiere with essentials (iPod, Chanel compact, lippie/lip brush, ID or tickets, etc.),
then usually bring a larger coordinating ‘day bag’ for the rest of this stuff. Should I do a photo post of this entry later?

1. Chanel compact and small brushes (yes, another compact, with makeup to go day-to-night), Purse size perfume
2. Agenda (1-3, Dayrunner, Hello Kitty then new mini one with Moi Meme Moitie fill paper), watercolor sketch and various other Moleskine books.
3. embroidery/crochet bag
4. latest G&LB or 2
5. Folio of ref materials (Pantone swatches, fabric and paint samples, buttons and lace to match, thread etc)
6. A darker lippie than I am wearing and lip brush, lipgloss (day to night)
7. A small version of my work portfolio, business cards
8. A small case with hairpins and bobby pins, safety pins & superglue, hair brush, lint roller, stain stick and pen.
9. iPod and Blackberry
10. Camera & mini tripod

(this is why it weighs 4kg :P)

**I usually have at least 1 little DOLL in one of my bags too, for fun photos! (Lately, a tiny or regular Blythe!)

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