Bodyline Dress L529 “Painting Dress”
Victorian scrapbook dress

Top: Bodyline
Bottom: Dolce & Gabana


Ordered: April 5, 2013
Package condition and delivery notes: in Bodyline bag, arrived with other items in 2 bags over 2 days, folded nicely but bolero bows and lace slightly smooshed, to be expected.
Ordered with: 1 OP, 1 JSK, 1 blouse, 1 skirt, 1 pr shoes, several socks, sundries
Special Occasion? Y/N
Gift? Yes, from Mr.G
Reserve or Limited? No
Gifts with order? Yes, 1 pr socks, eyelashes

I like the new Bodyline dress/bolero too and thought the price reasonable for collecting one Lolita ‘painting dress’. I’ve liked others from the big brands, but they are more than I want to spend on what I consider a ‘trendy’ piece so I ordered the Bodyline version today. It fits the criteria I have set for my Lolita wardrobe: it can be styled at least one other non-Lolita way with things I already have. I also ordered diamond socks and the RHS I’d been wanting. I finally did my research on the shoe sizing so hopefully they will fit.

I admit, another full coordinate and some accessories hitched a ride in my shopping cart since the 3-bow shoes in Sax are back in stock in my size. I know I will end up with mostly darker, mature styled Gothic coordinates overall in my Lolita wardrobe so picking up some (for me) unusual pieces will give it depth and variety and hopefully keep me from feeling guilty when I just want most things in BLACK.

Also, to me, Bodyline is Bodyline but I like it just for what it is without trying to make it seem either nicer or worse. I don’t care for most of their prints, those seem to be not quite as well designed as the brands. But, with a few exceptions, I’m not wild about most prints in general, even in my regular clothing just because they are not as versatile for me. The obviously cheap cosplay items and bad fabric/lace that Bodyline carries are easy to just avoid. I really like like having some fun with inexpensive everyday items that I don’t have to be afraid of wearing often, wearing out or saving for some special occasion. I have 2 Bodyline blouses, a skirt and some shoes in my closet now and I’ll likely continue to order things once in a while.

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