Day Dream Carnival

Well, the second order period opened, so I got it. Tiered JSK in Black. Yes. These are MY Little Ponies.
SC is just there for reference since I just have the promotional Mook/Tote version but now I’m at least open to prints styled elegantly thanks to the Museé portion in the front of the mook. I’d thought about styling them in some similar way, but just not calling it ‘Lolita’ but now handily, AP has brilliantly done it this way and for me, opened up a realm of print possibilities I did not really consider would be accepted in the fashion. There’s a post about it with the Mook/Tote review.


Ordered:April 5, 10pm, reserve opened
Package condition and delivery notes:
Ordered with:
Special Occasion? Y/N
Gift? Y/N
Reserve or Limited? Yes
Gifts with order? Y/N

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