Lolita Blog Carnival: Create a Coord Under $100

red logo 1Under $100 Coord

under 100

List of Items shown:

  1. Jsk Btssb Lace Market
  2. Blouse 1 Offbrand Lace Market
  3. Blouse 2 Offbrand Lace Market
  4. Headbow Etsy
  5. Shoes An*Tai*Na
  6. OTK Sock Dreams

I assume you already have:

  • a petticoat and underthings
  • a wig or will style your own hair
  •  jewelery

In my last Carnival post I said I would probably buy much less from Bodyline simply because the prices have risen until they rival the cost of TaoBao brands or second hand Burando. So for this coordinate, I wanted a brand main piece and specifically lolita shoes, so I went shopping on Lace Market and  chose shoes from An*tai*na since they have a good size range and are within budget.

red logo 1

The Lolita Blog Carnival This Week’s Participants:


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The Bloody Tea Party

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