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This blog is a journal to chronicle my Gothic Lolita Fashion interests and related lifestyle topics.

Everyone approaches a subject in her own unique fashion, with goals and expectations that others may or may not agree with or even understand. In my ideal scenario, the writer is moved to write of her own interests and experiences, expressing herself in her own way and the like-minded or the interested will gather and read, hopefully exchanging ideas in a dialogue via the comments.

My view of the topic of this blog, Gothic Lolita Fashion, my GosuRori, is very personal and somewhat more gently perverse than many.
I say this not to preen but to warn.
I am not a member of the largest demographic who usually writes on the topic.
Among other things, I am older, more solitary, more conservative. I like the rules and keep to them.
If you are in the hobby or an interested onlooker and happen upon my blog and find a few things unfamiliar here, this may be why. I’m not a good general example of the Lolita fashion. There is no ‘typical’ Lolita.
I write to share my opinions and to document my experience rather than to serve as any sort of example.

If you have information or constructive feedback for me that you wish to share and it is relevant to my stated goals and interests, please do comment or send me a private message.
All comments are moderated.

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