I’m very pleased and excited to share links to the companies and products I choose to feature or partner with and will gladly list the prices and share a link to their website in my review if it is allowed by their company policy.

However, I should state that many of my things are:

  • One-of-a-kind
  • One-offs
  • Prototypes or pre-production samples
  • Early releases
  • Couture & Bespoke
  • Handmade
  • These are personal belongings and used to style the featured product and showcase my styling skills and are not usually available for resale.
    砂糖の夢 (Sugar) is a good example of this, so are most of my personal dolls.

    I always clearly state the origin of an item I’m reviewing.
    Examples may include:

  • Something I’ve purchased
  • An item purchased for me as a gift from Mr.G
  • A product or service sponsored by a company
  • Something otherwise provided free for review purposes
  • I’m happy and very grateful to receive so many lovely things but unless there is a prior arrangement, unsolicited merchandise will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with the things I like best always mentioned first but with no guarantee of a review in general. If you are unsure whether your product will likely appeal to me, please contact me first. I’ll be glad to tell you honestly and accept or decline your offer. I can’t usually speculate how likely it is to receive a review however unless I am already familiar with the item in question.

    All of my reviews will be my honest opinion, comprehensive and fair regardless of compensation. If you choose to sponsor or compensate me, it is in exchange for this honest opinion and a fair review based on my personal experience and never for a guaranteed positive review. I do not accept any sponsorship for products or services that are not appropriate for me or my lifestyle. If I accept monetary compensation to promote something, it will always be clearly disclosed on the review page. I am proud of my affiliations and I’m always full of enthusiasm to promote and share the things I discover and really enjoy! I hope my friends and new readers will enjoy them too.


    Lime Crime


    March, 2013 This Disclosure and my Affiliate Link Displays are in compliance with the current FTC Disclosure Requirements.

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