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2014 Trends I Predict

The topic in this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival is a timely one, trend prediction for 2014. This is only my second ride at the Carnival despite being a member for a good bit. A resolution for 2014? Check! I’m hoping to pick up a few past topics since I really enjoy reading them. I hope you will too. To the topic!

My mind is refusing to contemplate what brand new trends may pop up for 2014 but I’ve some ideas about current trends emerging stronger and one that I hope may finally be entering the twilight of it’s popularity. With so many sub-styles, I think trends are often more subtle in Lolita fashion than they are in mainstream styles so may be a little bit more of a challenge to predict.

1.Steampunk influence coming on strong(er)
It wasn’t A Thing.
Steampunk was IS a separate thing.
Some definitely do not ever WANT it to be A Thing


But…looking at the patterns in a couple of more recent G&LB and the latest h.Naoto releases, it is unofficially, officially A Thing.
I like the patterns but I’m not sure I’d really want to call these finished looks in the G&LB any type of Lolita and I certainly don’t have any plans to do anything like a ‘Steampunk Lolita’ coordinate. I might pepper some of my preferred Lolita elements into a Steampunk styling unmentioned. That seems good. But since there are so many well established and varied sub-styles, I really feel that not everything needs to try to come underneath the frilly umbrella of the Lolita fashion label in my wardrobe.
I don’t consider everything in the Bibles ‘Lolita’ nor do they label it such.

2. Stronger ‘return to roots’ movement in several areas. Stronger Gothic Lolita with emphasis on the older Goth & Punk elements and a stronger showing of Kuro and (hopefully) Shiro. Also revisiting the VK influence as some bands like Dir en Grey seem to be doing just a bit in their styles as well.
I really like it.

3. Eclectic/vintage influence from CPK and Dolly Kei continuing to increase as items in some of our wardrobes cross over better and multitask more economically if we follow more than one kind of related fashion style. I think we will also continue to see the accessories from Lolita cross over into Kimono Hime style as well. This will be my favorite prediction to watch for, I think.

4. The waning of OTT Sweet as such a strong visible representation to the public of ‘what that Lolita Fashion Thing is’, buuuut…the upswing in Favorite Fandom x Lolita mashup coordinates I’m seeing means this may be the newest ‘most visible thing’ as it tends to mostly attract clueless noobs people from various mass-market mainstream media fandoms who go to conventions. Since it’s the Year of the Horse, I predict more MLP x Lolita mashups especially. I guess it’s another form of Cosplay Lolita, perhaps? Mixed feelings about this, honestly.
Bye-bye Sugar Dreamy Baby’s Room…

Do you have any trend predictions for 2014? I’m looking forward to seeing what the year will bring!

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Sources: h.Naoto photo via Kawaii-I, second photo: Behind the Bows LJ, photo of Dir en Grey Ghoul Tour via My Global Mind, street snap via TokyoFashion’s Facebook, kimono kitsuke photo from Kimono Hime vol. 9, Angelic Pretty.

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