Lolita Blog Carnival:
New Year’s Resolutions for
Lolita Fashion in 2014

This is my first formal post in The Lolita Blog Carnival though I’ve been a member for a while now. I’m very pleased to be part of this dedicated group of fashion and lifestyle writers documenting the many aspects and tackling the topics associated with the Japanese street fashion called Lolita. You can follow the Carnival around to member website pages on the featured topic every week by clicking their names at the bottom of the page. Happy 2014!

I’ll expand on these as topics but I think it’s important for me to at least get them jotted down and posted before tonight. I’ve been mulling them over since probably…Halloween? This will be the first time I’ve made any formal resolutions specific to this aspect of my life so I’m looking forward to fulfilling them.

The Lolita Blog Carnival
This Week’s Participants

Hello Batty
Northern Star
Wearable Magic
Lolita Glamour
Whimsical Adventures of Me
New Vogue Children
Beyond Kawaii
Mary Hazelbelle
Lace Teapot
Her Lumpiness
Papillion de Nuit
The Cute Lifestyle
Masquerade Doll

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New Year’s Resolutions for
Lolita Fashion in 2014

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