Lolita 52 Challenge
3 trends I wish would come back

3 trends I wish would come back

1. Rectangular Headdresses, they are so sweet and doll-like. I wear them anyway, this was my first piece of the style, I won one in an outfit-naming contest and it was custom made for me with little skull beads on each side. It’s ita as h*ll and I <3 it! (See below, B&W, the headdress, no wig, so shameless!)
2. More sophisticated bags. The shaped and themed colorful ones are really great, but I want additional elegant ones as well.
3. Black and white. Yep. Oldschool. Not to replace anything, but in addition. Maybe I’m just a little bit old and greedy and set in my ways. That’s a big part of what attracted me to the fashion long before I ever had the opportunity to wear it.

Bonus: I asked G and he said “Austere Elegance in place of Neon Pastel Bunny.” {grin}
I enjoy this Tumblr quite a bit and the old-school Lolita tag


Lolita 52 Challenge originated at F Yeah Lolita.

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