Lolita 52 Challenge
How I first found out about Lolita

How I first found out about Lolita
Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls. Specifically the kinds of Volks SuperDollfies pictured below in the composite. I think I was actually researching dolls when I came across a photo of a Gothic Lolita carrying a very Gothic-styled Volks SD Megu.
I was amazed to see some photos of an actual fashion being worn out in the street that looked so much like antique doll clothing. It fascinated me. It must feel like dressing up as a modern princess or wearing a prom dress every day. Fortunately I was past any misconceptions that clothes alone were enough to bootstrap me into some kind of magical life, but how could I not have at least a heightened sense of whimsy in my everyday. Not that I could afford any such thing, or these lovely giant dolls. I kept looking at it anyway, and ordered two Barbie-sized DollfiePlus from Volks Japan. I hate-hate-hated the name though and still call it GosuRori a great deal of the time. There are baser eccentricities…
I did a search for bjd+video and found Gardenia, featuring one of Koitsukihime’s beautiful dolls, and of course Mana-sama. The music was as odd and compelling as the visuals…soooo I can place the date at 2002, because it was a very hot summer and I remember being bored in the stifling air.
Malice Mizer photos from Beast of Blood & Gardenia era…

I ordered my first Gothic & Lolita Bible from Japan in 2003, issue #7
Rozenmaiden manga began in 2002 so I think that is the first Anime/Manga depiction of Lolita I can really remember too.

Lolita 52 Challenge originated at F Yeah Lolita.

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