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How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe?

How satisfied I am with my current wardrobe?

I’d have to say there is a before/after facet to my answer to this question recently. The short answer is, “Always but never”.

We went to Anime Matsuri this Spring, and I got to see my first live Baby the Stars Shine Bright x Alice and the Pirates fashion show. Before we went, I had been feeling more than a bit ‘meh’ for a little while regarding dressing in Lolita. Our few local meets are very small, I had also missed a doll meet, then another recently due to being under the weather.
But in Houston, with no friends near, I felt as well put together in my trusty black off-brand Gothic dress as any of the other Lolitas in the audience and was so busy looking at everyone’s coordinate in the long ‘line of delay’ (while trying not to stare) that I was just really happy to see what basically amounted to an audience fashion pre-show show. :)

I really liked some of the outfits in the fashion show too and have recently ordered a few things, both brand and not, but what really draws me is getting excited again about the coordination done so well. It was a little hard to see the accessories and makeup but the parasols and shoes were really wonderful and of course so were the clothes and wigs. Charles from Gothic & Lolita Wigs/Dolluxe was there and he complimented me on my Platinum Rhapsody wig as he was on his way to take the stage. That made me feel really good that he would take the time to speak to me when they were so busy with the show running late!

We recently got the Angelic Pretty e-MOOK as well, I detail my change of heart regarding personally wearing the the brand in my review. One of the reserves we ordered is Day Dream Carnival, the black JSK version with the detachable over skirt. It just seems a fine thing to have a rococo carousel going around my skirt hem, and starting with an elegant one is a luxurious thing for me. So then I will be likely be wanting to slowly collect Sugary Carnival (to twin with my doll), I like Twinkle Carnival, and the Bodyline carousel print, and there are a few others…carousel horse socks to match every accent color in DDC, diamond and stripe socks in many colors, so the rest of 2013 Summer/Autumn look to be colorful and genki, like when the Circuses and Carnivals do come to town on their summer tour…though I know I will revert to my soothing black x black x black in Winter, just like the lighthearted traveling amusement attractions stop coming until the following Spring.

I was happy with my wardrobe before these new things were ordered and I’ll be over the moon to add them to my Princess Closet, and excited to see what comes next. With style coordination, there is never an ‘end’, but Lolita Fashion is special in that its more like a timeless collection that holds its iconic style. I can take a break from buying things for many months and still feel stylish in what I have.

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