30 Days Lolita – Day 4
10 different kinds of food you like.


10 different kinds of food you like.

1. Shrimp, I like it almost any way but breaded or with carb-y stuff

2. Blue rare steak/beef and mushrooms (all kinds)

3. Crazy stir fry mash-ups

4. Chirashizushi (and most any sushi that isn’t ‘wiggly’ like raw egg or uni) (pictorial)

5. Garden salads with herbs and a scoop of chicken, tuna or ham salad in the middle.

I eat a variation of #3-4-5 almost daily!

6. Ahi Tuna Tartare

7. Green Goddess salad dressing, new salad dressings, fruity vinaigrettes (huge salad freak)

8. Berries of all kinds, and cherries.

9. Lychee and Rambutan fruits and jellies (the shaped or square kinds)

10.Smokey BBQ meats (exception to homecook, and I’ll beeline to roadside stands, love it!)

11. ok, cheating but hey :) NUTS as snacks!

**To eat out? Elaborate things that are hard to get or that I am too lazy to make often (or at all), like French pastries, soufflé, molded jellies.
It’s also always a treat to eat pretty sushi/good sashimi…

My favorite things to make at home are Steaks, bento and salads

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